The Rot Doctor


Subject: Question and a note of thanks
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998

Received my order a few weeks back and was finally able to get the time to begin fixing my rot problems on my home. First, let me tell you how easy your products are to work with. While only time will tell how well the fixes will last (though I don't doubt them), your products really are amazing.

My questions are this. Much of the trim on my home continues to rot usually due to the ends not being sealed or the sealing failing over time and water being absorbed. I am assuming that when I replace this wood, I should just soak the ends in CPES. Since it holds paint, would I benefit from using it under an oil based primer on new wood or is that even recommended? Also, once soaked, will CPES hold a polyurethane glue in areas where I'd like to "join" some of the wood. I am seriously considering painting/soaking every piece of exterior trim on my home with CPES. While this may sound crazy, if it is a proper use of the product, I figure I will save many times its cost over the years in fixing deteriorating wood and paint.

Thank you so much for your time and, again, thanks for the great products.

Rich H.


Thanks for your kind words. Naturally we agree with you!

What you are contemplating is exactly what we do on our boat. Every piece of new wood going into her gets soaked in the CPES for protective purposes. If in fact you plan to keep your home, the protection to the wood as you are suggesting will more than pay off in the future. It's not a crazy idea at all. Most people just don't think that far ahead.

You are correct about the ends of the wood. This is where the water generally begins to get in and the rot begins. Applying all the CPES the wood-ends will accept will alleviate the problem greatly. All edges as well will benefit.

All paints and finishes, including oil-based, will stick very well to the CPES. You can use the CPES as a primer. Likewise, glues, including polyurethanes, will adhere well to CPES-soaked wood.

Come back if you have more questions, and thanks again for the positive comments.