The Rot Doctor


Subject: adhesive prior to sealing
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999

Dear Dr. Rot,
I want to repair a wood support bar from a 40 year old automobile. The end of the support bar has broken and can be glued back together. Do you recommend any adhesives for use prior to the sealant? Also a number of small screws, pegs and trim nails are driven into the wood to attach various items. Will the treated wood support these accessories?


If you are going to glue the support bar, we suggest you use our Epoxy All Wood Glue. Super strong stuff, and any excess coming out can be wiped away with a rag dipped in xylene. Following that, you can seal the entire bar with the Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES). This will color the wood about the same as a coat of clear varnish (deepen and highlight the grain) and help it resist water, bacteria, bugs and fungi.

If you take care to squirt a little of the CPES into all holes and openings they will be solidified and then accept fasteners. In the event that you still don't have confidence in their ability to hold a screw, dabbing in and wiping down the inside with a bit of the All Wood Glue will absolutely guarantee fastener grip.

Come back if you have additional questions, or if I haven't completely answered your question.