The Rot Doctor


Subject: Airstream trailers . . . floor deterioration
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999

What is your recommendation for repairing/preserving mildly damaged (dry rot) flooring in an Airstream trailer?

Your URL showed up in the Vintage Airstream user group--where I got it.

Clark M.


Easy answer....assuming that the flooring is dry, get down to the bare wood and apply 2 coats of our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) to all areas that show any evidence of rot or wood deterioration. Allow about 3 days between coats. Be sure to have a fan blowing across the area to ventilate the carrier-solvent fumes, AND/OR wear a mask with organic fume cartridges to filter. These are powerful solvents that carry the epoxy and you must be careful.

What happens here is the epoxy is carried deep into the wood, the carrier solvents evaporate away, and the epoxy cures and solidifies the wood. The epoxy basically goes into the spaces in/between the wood fibers, spaces that rot fungi and/or bacteria have created. The wood gets hard and will never again rot or be affected by water.

Details on CPES are on our website, as well as all ordering information. You can order by phone and yes we do take credit cards. Orders are shipped same day if in here before 3pm Pacific time. Come back if you have additional questions.