The Rot Doctor


Subject: Wood Rot (plywood in motorhome)
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999

I have a motorhome with a rotted bed over the cab. The bed is plywood about 2 inches thick x 5' x 8' with about a 1' by 3' cutout. There is extensive rotting on 3 sides and I have removed about 1 square foot of the wood from each of the front two corners. 1) How do I estimate how much of each product I will need. 2) The wood is still damp as I have just fixed the leaks and will take a long time to dry thoroughly. Can I use the products on damp wood or do I have to wait for it to dry.

Thank You. David H.


The CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) applied to the wood will stop the rot. It would be best if you could get the underside as well, if that's accessible. However, the CPES liberally applied will percolate through pretty well. Pay particular attention to the edges.

The wood should be fairly dry. It can be slightly damp, but the dryer the better. Driving around with the front as open as possible and with all bedding off will help.

I would start with a 2-quart kit of the CPES. If there are gaps or vacancies in the wood you can follow the cured CPES (after about a week) with our Epoxy Filler. This will bond with the CPES-treated wood to give you a strong structure.

Be careful with the CPES application. It is a very thin liquid and I would suggest covering everything below with a plastic tarp to keep any leakage off the cab area. Also, have a fan blowing through the area to help dissipate the carrier solvent fumes -- all doors and windows open!. The fumes are strong.

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