The Rot Doctor

Subject: CPES for wagon wheel??
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999

I'm faced with the task of turning an old wagon wheel into a chandelier. This is a steel rimmed wooden wheel about 5 feet in diameter and the wood is very dry and porous and has a bit of rot in several places. There is a small bit of wood missing but I don't need to fill that. Obviously it won't be subject to moisture in its next life but I would like to firm it up and preserve it as it is now. From your literature it sounds like CPES is what I need, do you agree? Am I also correct in assuming that CPES looks like a clear varnish when it is applied and that the wheel will look like it has a semi gloss or gloss clear finish on it when the CPES cures?

Thanks - John C.


Your analysis is exactly correct. The CPES will highlight the grain/color of the wood. The first coat will pretty much disappear, but a second coat (recommended) would start to give a slightly satin sheen. Actually, what happen depends largely on the absorbency of the wood, and you do want to allow the wood to absorb all that it will. The second coating will take much less. Any varnish or clear coating can be applied over the CPES, if you wish.

CPES will preserve the wood appearance. You might get by with a 2-pint kit, but it would be marginal, unless the wood absorbs much less than I think it would. Suggest the 2-quart unit, which will be plenty, and will store indefinitely if re-capped and kept from freezing.

Come back if I can provide you with additional information.