The Rot Doctor


Subject: CPES and resorcinol glues
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999


What can you tell me about the compatibility of CPES and resorcinol glues? Can I apply CPES and then glue, or glue and then coat? Or is there some interaction between the two, regardless of order applied that prohibits the use of both? I know there are epoxy glues compatible with CPES, but I think I might like to stick with resorcinol if possible. What do you think?

Ron L.


You shouldn't have any problems if you glued with resorcinol and then coated with CPES, being sure that the resorcinol is fully cured before the CPES is applied. It's been done frequently and no one has ever come back and said they had problems. But definitely do not coat with CPES and then glue with resorcinol. The two compounds are not compatible at the face-to-face level. If you want to coat first with CPES then you're going to have to use an epoxy glue.