The Rot Doctor


Subject: epoxy sealer (on Model A Ford)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001

Hello; A few weeks ago I bought the quart units of clear epoxy penetrating sealer. I have begun to use the product on my 29 model A woody , and so far I am pleased with the way this stuff goes on. The hard maple doesn't soak up much but will be using it on the maple plywood soon and expect it to soak up much more. I have sanded a few areas and am very happy with the smoothness of this product after sanding.I really like the one-to-one mix because this gives me many options of how much product I can or need to mix. Well I just thought I would let you know I like the sealer so far and I'm sure it will give my woody many years of rot free life. Thanks for your time. Dale R.


Thanks for your evaluation. We appreciate it. You're right about the hard maple, but the CPES does penetrate enough to give the wood good surface protection. It forms a barrier to bacteria and fungi. And you're right about the plywood, too. Be sure on the plywood to allow the cut edges to soak up all the CPES that it will. It's on these edges where the problems with plywood usually start.