The Rot Doctor


Subject: delamination on motor home
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001

I have a 90 model bounder that has some delam problems. The glass skin is releasing from the luan backing. What product and procedure would you recomend.


It kind of depends on how much work you are prepared to do. Properly done, the skin should be pulled off entirely, both the inside skin surface and the luan backing surfaces scuffed/cleaned, and then the skin surface re-attached using either an epoxy such as our All Wood Epoxy Glue or a polyurethane sealant, such as 3M™ 5200.

You could try the 3M™ 5200 on select, reachable areas, but the problem often is that the bonding surfaces are "contaminated" and it's difficult to get much of anything to make a good seal.

Come on back if you have additional questions -- or we can be of further help.