The Rot Doctor


Subject: wood chairs
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002

Can you use any of your products on oak chairs that have split? They are splitting on the seat part due to moving to a very different climate? Thank you

You can use our All Wood Epoxy Glue to re-bond the split areas. This will prevent further splitting, at least in that area. It is a structural grade epoxy and is VERY strong. It can be dabbed into the slit and left to cure, or the area can be clamped close for a tighter repair...if possible.

AWG is translucent, having only a slight amber coloration. It is slow-setting so you have time to work, and will cure hard in 24 hours. You can add sawdust to it to thicken if required, and to produce a wood-toned fill.

Hope this is helpful, and come on back if you have additional questions.