The Rot Doctor


Subject: Thrilled with CPES
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003

Dear Rot Doctor,
Recently, we bought a Class C Motorhome. At the time of purchase we were aware of a small water leak as reported by the prior owner. We felt confident that the leak had been repaired when the windows were resealed. My husband was concerned when a small bead of water ran along the window frame during the recent rains.

He knew that the windows, in our case two, above the cab were a common problem in Class C's. He decided to remove the windows and reseal them himself. After removing the windows the rot became visible and what looked like what might have been a minor problem was actually a really serious problem.

Resealing the windows was the easy part, what to do about the rotten wood that he could not remove was a big concern. After finding your web site, he read about the various products offered and decided to try CPES, figuring it was worth a shot.

Following your wood rot recommendations my husband removed most of the rotten wood framing around the windows and replaced it with new wood. He did not remove the framing at the top of the window, as it had the potential to become a problem trying to fix a problem.

The small wood shelf under the windows was rotten as well and had to be removed and replaced. The wood underneath the mattress, when the paneling was lifted, was also damaged but not as bad. My husband applied CPES until the wood would absorb no more, to the upper wood framing around the windows and to the wood underneath the mattress.

Three days later when he reinstalled the windows he said, the blackened, rotten wood actually had the same strength as the new wood he installed. The screws held strong even in the damaged wood; he was amazed! He was so impressed; he decided to treat even the new wood and any wood that became exposed during the repair.

Lastly, we want to thank you for the expert advice offered on your web site. We will definitely recommend CPES to everyone facing wood rot ANYWHERE, not just in motorhomes.

Your prompt updates on the status of our order allowed us to know when to expect delivery. Kudos to Customer Service, who was quick to see that the email address my husband listed to receive order confirmation was invalid and followed up with a phone call.

Sheila S.