The Rot Doctor


Subject: best method for wood joining
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004

I wanted to know the best thing to use to adhere my new stringer assy together? All the wood is treated with CPES, pine rails and plywood cross supports, and will be screwed together. I was unsure if using some L & L Resin or some sort of glue would be better. Awaiting your response.



Epoxies are excellent for gluing up. Enough screws alone will of course do the job. Epoxy with screws to hold things in place while the epoxy dries is the normal method.

For general purpose assembly of softwoods, including your pine and plywood (assuming that the ply isn't made from hardwoods) the L & L Resin is fine. Hardwoods tend to be pretty oily, especially tropical hardwoods. For these I would recommend using our All Wood Epoxy Glue. And proper prep, of course. This is half the battle. Even the best epoxies will not work properly if the surfaces are not prepped right. Clean of oils, and preferably scuff sanded is the best preparation.