The Rot Doctor


Subject: Latex Gloves can be dangerous
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006

Hi: Thanks for your advice on using CPES alone to preserve my dock. I have been reading the written material enclosed with my order. You recommend that latex gloves be used when working with epoxy. There is a better safer choice. Vinyl gloves are less porous to chemicals and avoid the problems with latex allergies. Latex products in contact with the skin can cause death in people that have been sensitized to latex. This reaction is called latex anaphylaxis. It is very hard to treat and most people experiencing anaphylaxis from any cause die. I have had the good fortune of saving two individuals that experienced a latex anaphylactic reaction. There are also less severe skin reactions to latex - e.g. contact dermatitis. If you have any doubts you can Google latex anaphylaxis. You may have noticed that there are warnings on many products that contain latex.


Fred P.

Your post is most appreciated. We will post your caution in our Q&A section, and make revisions in our copy to recommend vinyl gloves.