The Rot Doctor


Subject: Bleachers
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006

Dr. Rot,

Our school has older wood bleachers which are in need of repair. It is far too expensive to take each bleacher board off and refinish it and the worst part is if we do dismantle them, we may be out of code and unable to put them back as is.

Is there a product that could be brushed on to fill in some of the rough spots and make them look better?

Please advise,
Susan G.

We do have an epoxy filler that would be great for this job. It is our Fill-It Epoxy Filler. Any paint should be removed from any surface that you want to fill, either by sanding, scraping, or using paint remover. The bare wood should be primed first with our CPES. This will stabilize any marginal wood that remains, and make a stronger bond between the existing wood and the Fill-It Epoxy Filler. Done properly, the repair will last as long as the wood around the repair lasts.

Please come back with any further questions.