The Rot Doctor


Subject: rotten composite wood
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999

We have a camper, with some rotten wood in it. The rot is in some vertical pieces of composite wood that are part of the side of the camper near the top.
I found your site on the web, and I was wondering if your penetrating epoxy sealer would work on composite wood.
I was going to drill holes in the composite wood about 2" apart, and inject the sealer into the rotten wood, and then let it harden for about 3 days before sanding and wall-papering.
Do you think that this technique would worK?

Thank you, Robert McL.


It will work well enough to be worth the effort. Wherever there is a vacancy in wood the CPES will fill, and then harden. There are so many kinds of "composite woods" out there it is always hard to be specific, but if it's gone soft and rotted then the CPES is your best bet for restoration. Drilling the holes is a good idea. I would also brush it on all deteriorated surfaces as well.

Don't paint or wallpaper until the strong solvent odor has disappeared. I mention this because that can take varying amounts of time, depending on temperature and penetration depth. Normally, 3 days should be about right for your application.