Subject: Question (Beam In Wood House)
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998

I have a structural beam in a wood house (in suburban Portland, OR) that is exposed to weather for a section of its length. The beam appears to be a custom dimension, approximately 12" wide X 24" deep. In the portion that is exposed to weather, there are several deep fissures of dry (or wet?) rot. They are parallel to the grain, penetrate perhaps half the depth of the beam, and are an inch or so wide.

Is your product appropriate to fix this condition?

Does it restore the lost strength in the beam (e.g., where epoxy cement is used in cracked concrete, the bond is actually stronger than the original concrete...)?

Does it stop the process of rot from re-occurring?

Any other thoughts or comments?

VTY, Hugh C.

Like epoxy cement, our products restore strength to wood that makes the repair stronger than the surrounding wood. It does greatly restrict the ability of the rot to continue, since the Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) penetrates as far or further than the rot fungi. They are encapsulated at this point.

What you would need to do is 1) clear out any loose bad wood you can get at; 2) get the area to be treated as dry as possible (we've used everything from hair dryers to commercial kerosene 80,000 btu blowers if the wood is not naturally dried out); 3) soak it with the CPES (giving it all it will absorb); 4) going back after the CPES has cured (3-4 days) and filling with either or both the Layup & Laminating Resin and/or the Fill-It Epoxy Putty. The putty is fine alone if you have a clear shot at the bad area and can force the putty down into the rotted area. The L&L Resin has the advantage of remaining liquid and being able to settle for greater penetration. Kind of depends on what you are looking at. Both the resin and the putty bond at the molecular level with the CPES -- very strong!

Additionally, I would coat the exterior of the beam (as much as you can get at) with the CPES, which will protect it from future rot incursions.

How much material you would need depends of course on how much of the beam is rotted. Kind of a decision you'll have to make. In any case, Portland is close so UPS should get there in 2 days.

All products are in stock and will ship same day ordered if order in before noon. If you have additional questions, please ask.