Subject: Info Request
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998

Looking for information and/or your recommendation relative to use of your epoxy sealer products to repair small areas of dry rot in deck rail caps. Our condominium deck rail caps are constructed of untreated lumber and frequently exhibit dry rot forming around cracks or holes where water can penetrate. Usually the areas, when detected, are small and we have trouble justifying replacement of the rail cap. Yet we know rot will progress, ultimately requiring replacement. Would application of one of your epoxy sealers arrest the rot and in effect repair the cap thus extending its life? If so, what product would you recommend? Where can we find it in the Asheville, NC area, or can we purchase it directly and at what cost?

Please respond by E-mail.
Thank you,
Ray B.


Yep, I understand your problem perfectly. Our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) is exactly what you want. This is a very thin liquid and will penetrate the soft wood areas readily, when they are dry. It will cure in 2-3 days and the wood will be restored. You can paint/varnish over it readily. However, if you are using wood stains, we recommend that the stain go on first, and then the CPES, and then the clear finish coat if required. The CPES has the same coloring effect on wood as a clear varnish.

In the case of bad rot with vacancies in the wood, we suggest you follow the CPES with either our Epoxy Putty, our Layup & Laminating Resin, or a mixture of the resin and wood flour for a light brown final finish.

The CPES is available only through us. We ship within 24 hours via UPS GrounTrac.

Come back if you have additional questions.