The Rot Doctor


Subject: rot (& warm weather application)
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999

dear dr rot

can your products be applied in the higher temp climate of Virgin Islands .... usually above 80 deg F?

my application is roof gutter and beam rot ... main beams are exposed inside the house and come to the outside with about 24" overhang ... all of the corner beams have rot which started at the ends and is now traveling inwards toward house.

wooden gutters are designed into the roof for water collection. a few areas have some rot can you help? and if so, what is the estimated coverage of the product kits, shipping cost and e.t.a. to St. Thomas, VI?

need help ASAP

Mary P.


Yes, our Warm Weather Formula CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) can be used in USVI. I have lived down there so I know what the temperatures are like. The only thing exterior temperatures affect is the "pot life" of the product, which, at 90F is about 45 minutes after the product is mixed for application. You just don't mix any more than you think you will apply in about a half hour. It applies just fine, penetrates the wood and hardens it and makes the wood highly rot resistant.

You would be applying from the upper portion of the rot and allowing the CPES to run down through the wood. You may have to drill some CPES access holes if the beams are large. On the gutters you would just apply it to the surface and let it penetrate the wood. This should all be done in dry weather. The wood should be reasonably dry before CPES is applied.

If you will tell me the size of your beams, how many there are to be treated, and the approximate footage of the gutters to be treated I can make an estimate of how much product you will need and the shipping cost of getting to the USVI. If you have a zip code down there then give that to me as well. Because CPES is designated a Hazardous Material by the DOT, it must be shipped surface. To get to the USVI then is going to take several weeks. We do ship to PR and USVI.

Come back with a few answers and we'll see if we can be of any help to you.