The Rot Doctor


Subject: paint over cpes
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999

I have used your cpes to restore two window sills. It works quite well. I am planning to paint with an exterior latex paint. Do I apply the latex over the cpes, or prime the cpes with an oil based primer? Do i need to sand the cpes to give it tooth for either case? Will caulk adhere to the cpes?

You can apply ANY paint, including latex, directly over the CPES-treated wood. No primer is required. A light sanding with a fine grit paper is necessary only if you have some grain that has been raised by the CPES application. You can wipe down with whatever thinner is recommended by the paint manufacturer. Yes, all caulks we know of will adhere to the CPES-treated wood. Polyurethane-based caulks adhere a bit better than alternative-based caulks.

Glad you are satisfied with the CPES. You can be sure now that the wood under the paint is extremely rot-resistant. Come back if you have further questions.