The Rot Doctor


Subject: Sealing end grain
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999

I am replacing the white pine corner boards on my house due to rot. My plan is to use a rot resistant wood like cedar or even redwood if I can find it. I am not that concerned with expense because the amount of wood I need is relatively small. Some of the corner boards are very close to the ground and I am sure this along with their being made of inferior wood resulted in their early failure. I don't want to have to worry about the corner boards again (20 years) except for cosmetic painting so my plan is to use a naturally rot resistant wood and CPES to seal the end grain. Do you think this will work to my expectations.

A perfect solution -- it'll work well. I'd suggest a couple of coats at the end grain and maybe a few feet up on the bottom surfaces. Allow the wood to absorb all it can. Won't take a whole lot of CPES, either. I'd think a 2-quart unit would do you just fine. Your final surface coating will stick a lot better, too.

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