The Rot Doctor


Subject: rotting (eaves)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000

A recent pest inspection found "various areas at the perimeter roof eaves where fungus has occurred in the roof framework." The treatment recommended was to "cut out and remove all fungus damaged material" I looked at the areas in question, and it appears to be very minor. The wood doesn't crumble, but the paint is loose. Could this be fixed with CPES, then just repainted? What would you suggest?

Fungus deterioration is due to a chronic moisture problem (leaks), stagnant air (poorly ventilated eaves), or a combination of both. As long as the problem that caused the rot is addressed, the use of CPES to restore strength to the area in question would be appropriate, if the CPES was applied properly. While CPES is not a fungicide, it will encapsulate any fungus spores that it comes in contact with, and help resist moisture from entering the wood beyond, and form the best surface for applying paint, all in one application.