The Rot Doctor


Subject: Main Beam termite damage
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000

My home was just inspected for termites and they were found in the main beam (and thought to also be in the sill plate), there appears to be a lot of rot in the main beam where it comes into contact with the sill, it's very soft & easy to penetrate for about 4 to 5 feet from the sill. The termite inspector suggested a replacement of that section of the main beam at cost of $1-2 thousand , any chance your products might avoid this cost? if so, can you recommend someone to do the repair?
Thanks for your help
Dennis T.

Thoroughly saturating all the affected areas can restore a significant amount of strength, in most cases equal or better than new. It will also help to check the spread of rot fungi and insects. In bigger beams it is usually necessary to drill holes and let the CPES saturate from the inside as well. Since this is a structural member, and there is no way to test the amount of strength restored other than to break the beam, it is usually safest to sister the beam after applying the CPES.

While many contractors use our products, we do not maintain a list of approved contractors. But since our products are very simple to use, we can easily instruct the competent contractor of your choice in how to get the maximum results from our products.