The Rot Doctor


Subject: Adding Color
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000

Good morning!
Can a stain be added to the CPES? I would like to use it on door sills.
Howard B.


Yes, any powdered coloring or "resin-stain" can be added to CPES. By powdered coloring we're talking about the dry pigments one buys in hobby stores. Resin stains are available at most large marine store outlets. West Marine, a large national chain, sells them for about $4.00/tube in various colors.

Many folks will put down a water-based stain on bare wood, allow it to dry, and then cover with CPES. The CPES locks the stain into the wood.

Remember that like all epoxies ours are also subject to degradation by UV light. For long term use CPES treated wood should be covered by a clear finish with UV inhibitors.

Hope this is helpful. Come back if you have additional questions.