The Rot Doctor


Subject: Re: Cat Pee soaked thru.....Argh....
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001

Hello Doc,
I recently moved into a new place, and my Cat who has never done his business anywhere but the cat box, decided that a little corner next to the door would work fine. He and I beg to differ on this matter, however it turns out the people that were there before me had cats who liked the same spot and evidently didn't think it was a problem. So in essence my cat was just marking over the new territory.

We have 5 cats, so I do know what you are saying!

I wish I was a cat, would have made some old girlfriends easier to keep track of.

I'm laughing!

I cut away the carpet and the wood is pretty marked up with old stains, not too pleasant smelling either. So I'm wondering, can I just make sure it's all dry and seal it up? My intent is to ceramic tile and grout the area as soon as possible, or do I have to figure out how to cut away the stained wood and replace a piece of the floor.....Tell me there is an easier way...
Look forward to your reply.


I'd suggest making sure the wood is dry and then sealing, prior to the grout/ceramic tile, with our CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). This is very thin stuff, will penetrate the wood and seal it off. It will probably take 3 coats 24 hours (or longer) apart to do this. You'd then wait 2-3 days (or longer) before starting with the tile. This process should seal off the odor of the cat pee. The CPES should be applied to an area a bit larger than the area actually affected.

CPES has some powerful solvents that carry the epoxy into the wood, so if you do this have good strong cross ventilation going...a fan blowing toward an open door or window. The odor will eventually disappear altogether.

Unless the area is very large, I would think that our 2-pint unit of CPES would be sufficient. You just mix as much as you'll need for any given application, and then close up the cans and store for the next application. It's pretty easy.

Okay? Come on back if you have additional questions.