The Rot Doctor


Subject: finishing (exterior door)
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001


I will be making and finishing an exterior wood door with your products.

1) If I have some small cracks (1/16" or less) to be filled can I mix some sawdust with the epoxy to color the epoxy (AWG) and still achieve the same structural strength?

Yes. Not a problem.

2) I will be sealing the door with your CPES, but I will stain it first. Is there any problem using an oil stain before the CPES?

No problem, as long as the stained surface is wiped after staining and allowed to thoroughly dry. The CPES will lock in the stain color.

3) Lastly, can I use spar varnish over the CPES as my final finish? If so, do I wait till the CPES thoroughly dries first or put it on while the CPES is still tacky like you do for the paint?

Not-totally-cured CPES always yields a slightly better bond than fully cured CPES. Actually, application of the varnish anytime within about 12 hours of the CPES application will give you these good results. The CPES can "feel" dry but still be in a curing process in these short periods of time. But yes, a little tacky would be the near-time gauge you'd be looking for.


You're welcome. Come on back if you have additional questions.