The Rot Doctor


Subject: Using Wood Glue and CEPS
Date: Thur, 01 Nov 2001


I took apart (the joint was shot but mostly complete) some of my window sash frames so I could literally soak all the questionable parts with CEPS. Now that I am ready to reassemble the sash what is the best approach to getting my frames glued back up? I plan on re-doweling them as well (to match the original construction and aid in strength) however I question if I can still use my traditional outdoor wood glue and get a good bond after the CPES soaking? Would using the 2 part FILL-IT epoxy filler smeared into the joints give me the same or better strength? THANKS for a great product! I've been able to save every window and sill in my 130 year old home...



You're right...don't use traditional glues after treating with CPES. Any of our filler or resin products will work for you here as bonding agents. Certainly the Fill-It Epoxy Filler will work, and is probably the easiest method. But the Layup & Laminating Resin smeared on both surfaces will also work, as will the All Wood Epoxy Glue or the Tropical Hardwood Epoxy Adhesive (if working above 50F).

And thanks for your kind words about the is a very good product!