The Rot Doctor


Subject: glue type?
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003

Dear Dr.
I am building a front door with transom and sidelights. I will be laminating the wood to restrict movement and twist etc. with time and moisture. I am building it out of Honduras Mahogany. What is the best glue to use? If possible, I would like to use the "All Wood Glue" because of the temperature of where I live, SLC Utah, never the less, what is the best glue for this application?


The All Wood Glue is definitely the one to use for your application. Good glue up is certainly important to a successful job, but proper sealing and maintenance of the wood is at least as important if not more so. The best glue joint possible will not be able to resist the forces that the wood can apply to the joint if a lot of moisture is allowed to move in and out of the wood. The glue joint itself doesn't fail, but the wood directly behind the joint can be broken by the force generated by the swelling and shrinking of large moisture swings. With proper sealing of the wood, you should never have any problems.