The Rot Doctor


Subject: Spray application of CPES
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004

Dr Rot:
Can CPES be applied with a standard spray device that uses a pressurized canister? I have a retaining wall with cross ties that is showing some rotting. The soil has been stabilized with pressurized grout but the cross ties have a few weak spots.

CPES can be applied with any device rated for petroleum solvent based paints. Keep in mind that you will want plenty of lacquer thinner on hand to flush out the equipment if you ever want to use it again, and that the finer the spray, the more solvent evaporates into the air. You want to deliver the most solvents with the epoxies so that the epoxy can soak deep into the wood. A coarse spray is better than a fine spray. A roller or brush is better than a spray.