The Rot Doctor


Subject: Questions about how to use products
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005

I just saw your products and informational procedures on the internet and have two questions.

1) Would your advice on treating the top of joists between the deck boards apply if the deck boards were TREX?

Yes. The TREX won't rot, but it will trap moisture between the board and the joist, and this is how wood deterioration gets started. CPES'ing the joists will make the wood very resistant to trapped moisture.

2) The stairs from the deck lead to a concrete pad. I am using pressure treated lumber to make the stringers. Would it be helpful to use one of your products to seal the bottom of the stringers to enhance its ability to resist rot? Is so what would you recommend?

Again, the CPES. The chemistry in pressure treating is relatively shallow and once the wood is cut, untreated wood is exposed. By applying CPES to the part of the stringers that contact the concrete you will again make the wood resistant to any moisture that might wick between the wood and concrete.


You're welcome. Feel free to come back if you have additional questions. If you wish to order you can do so via phone or our secure on-line order form. We have warehouses on both coasts so shipping time is 3 days or less to any point in the US.