The Rot Doctor


Subject: Time between coats of CPES
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007

I am going to be using CPES as a primer on some door frames. Your instructions for use of CPES as a primer say to use 2, preferably 3, coats of CPES and to lightly sand between coats. In other parts of the instructions it says to wait 1-3 days after applying CPES before applying paint over it or before moving to the next step of rot repair but it doesn't say anything about time between primer coats. Do I need to wait 1-3 days between coats of CPES when used as a primer? How will I know if I only need 1 day instead of 3?

Thanks, Skip R.


The variation in CPES re-application timing is due to the wide variety of situations in which the product is used. For deep penetration in compromised wood, one must wait longer. On clean, new wood a day wait is fine between re-applications. Paint can be applied after the final application as soon as the CPES'ed surface is dry to the touch.