Brian Allgood wrote:

I have had to move several pieces of equipment that were screwed to the bottom of my engine compartment in my fiberglass boat.....I am concerned about leaving the holes left by the screws.....What do you recommend to seal these holes and help stop water from getting into the wood floor.

Brian Allgood


If there is any kind of wood (planks, ply, fiberboard, balsa, etc.) between the engine compartment floor and the hull exterior, we would recommend that you pour/inject into the holes some of our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES). This will saturate the wood with epoxy and discourage any rot possibilities. Pour as much in as the wood will accept. You'll have to give it a couple of weeks to cure out in such an enclosed environment. The CPES is available in 2 formulas, one that cures down to 50 degrees and another that cures down to 32 degrees. It's hard to tell how much you might need. It all depends on how much the wood accepts. Two pints should be enough, unless the wood is very porous. Two pints sell for $23-24 dollars depending on the formula.

Following this, we'd recommend you use our Fill-It Epoxy putty and force as much of it into the holes as they will take. If you have used the CPES, the putty will bond molecularly with the CPES and have a very strong fill. Before using the putty, make sure that the edges of the holes are clean and free of oil or grease. We sell 12 oz. of the Fill-It putty for about $18.00. Very nice stuff -- easy to work with.

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