The Rot Doctor


Subject: (CPES and Asthma)
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002

Hello Doc; your products seem amazing but are they safe to the environment and to me? I`m planning to buy a 1960`s cruiser that needs work but CPES is a hazardous product. Having asthma, would it be safe for me to use? Jerry


Used outdoors CPES normally causes no problems. The odor is there, but not concentrated. However, since you have asthma and are sensitive, we would advise using a cartridge respirator capable of filtering organic vapor fumes when applying CPES. This would prevent the fumes from affecting your breathing. We have a complying respirator which we sell for $32.91 (complete with cartridges), and replacement cartridges are $16.73 the pair.

The CPES fumes will dissipate into the air after a few hours and there will be only a slight odor. After a day or two (depending on penetration depth) there should be no fume odor at all.


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