The Rot Doctor


Subject: your product (peeling hull paint)
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004

I have been reading all of the positive feedback on the wonders of your product. It sounds like I am in need. I have a 1964 42' Chris Craft Cavalier with a few "issues". The boat was left in an uncovered area without power for some time. The boat held the rain water until a portion of the hull rotted and allowed it to drain. I have rebuilt all of the power systems but until now have been unable to find an acceptable repair.

1. Replace any portions of the hull that are missing using the method explained on your web site.
2. Sand the entire hull to bare wood.
3. Apply CPES™ 2 coats.
4. Repaint hull.

Do I have it right?

Yes this is the proper method, with the exception of applying only one coat of CPES™ to the entire hull before repainting. On rotted areas more than one coat of CPES™ is often helpful, but as a primer for good wood, only one coat is recommended.

How much CPES™ do I need, and what is the estimated cost.

The cost is $149.45 for 2 gallons if you buy the 2-gallon unit. On good wood this covers about 250 square feet per gallon, so a 2 gallon unit covers about 500 square feet. If your hull is 42 feet long, just multiply 42 times the measurement of the perpendicular direction. 42' length times 5' from gunnel to chine equals 210', so if your sides are 5' tall you would need about a gallon for each side. Length times beam gives you the approximate amount to do the bottom. On rotten wood the wood needs much more and it is quite hard to estimate exactly how much might be needed. Maybe a few quarts to treat several smaller areas, at least a couple of gallons if you have extensive rotted areas that aren't going to be replaced with new wood.

Gregg G.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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