The Rot Doctor


Subject: Fiberglass boat repair project
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005

Here are some pics for your product scrapbook. The victim (besides me) was a 1973 15' Starcraft tri-hull we bought last year as a 2nd boat for some of the smaller lakes around here. Unfortunately, I didn't check it out as thoroughly as I should have. I noticed (after the fact) that the floor and possibly the transom looked a little punky. I thought I'd be just replacing the last 3 feet of floor (boy was I wrong).

Anyhow, the attached pics tell the story. I chose a more conventional (?) approach as far as replacing the rotten wood because (a) it was really rotten, and (b) an air powered cutoff tool made quick work of exposing it. The project, however was not that quick (a month of my spare time). I did have to cut out the fiberglass on the top center edge of the transom and replace the transom in three pieces because I didn't want to split the boat. The center I slid down from the top cut-out section and the sides I put in from inside the boat.

Your products worked great. I especially liked the long cure times of the L&L resin as I wasn't left with any waste. I've also been using the extra I have left to repair some rot in my window sills (I'm painting the house this summer too).

The boat lived, by the way. We've fished, skied, and pulled an inflatable with it this summer. The transom is noticably stronger and much less flexy, not to mention it's nice to have a solid floor under foot.

Scott S.

NOTE: In addition to Scott's nice letter, he also sent pictures of his project. These pictures were put into our Customer Projects section. If you want to see the pictures, click here.