Customer Projects

Subject: Transom/Stringer/Floor Repair
Date: January, 2006

One of our customers very kindly supplied us with these pictures of his transom, stringer and floor repair. The work was done at a professional level and his notes on the pictures describe the process.

Click on images for larger versions.
1. Floor removed and fiberglass removed from inside of transom and side of stringers to access rotten wood.

2. Removing rotted transom with a gasket scraper.

3. Bad wood removed. Existing wood to be treated with CPES.

4. Transom pieces ready for laminating. Top pieces are 3/4" plywood, bottom are 1/2" plywood. Edges shiplapped.

5. Transom pieces laminated with L&L Resin and treated with CPES.

6. New transom and stringers laminated to existing fiberglass with mix of L&L Resin and sawdust.

7. This stringer had to be cut up under the existing floor about as far as I could reach my sawzall and the new one fit in. Not a fun job, but easier than splitting the boat a and removing the entire floor.

8. Another view: Existing solid floor at bow end, existing stringers, and new stringers treated with CPES.

9. Ready for floor.

10. Stringer and transom glassed back in with 10 oz. glass cloth and L&L Resin. Floor installed. Floor treated both sides with CPES, glassed in at edges and seams. Transom painted.

11. New floor looking toward bow.

   The boat is repaired!

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