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Subject: Aft cabin ceiling [plywood rot]

Date: Monday, January 18, 2021

Hello hoping you can help I have a 94 hydrasport 2800sf that has been leaking from shore power connection. This water has caused the plywood on the underside of helm area to partially rot. I have removed head liner and have access to the ply from underneath. There is what appears to be a join half way across. My question is it feasable to cut at joint and remove down to fiberglass skin and reinstall marine ply with some form of thickend resin thx in advance for any reply or help

Stephen W.


What you are proposing is quite doable. The main issues are how to get and hold the skin and plywood into the proper shape while the glue cures. The outer skin may be quite stiff, and not lose its shape. But if it does, then you will need to get it into the correct shape while the epoxy dries, once you get the new plywood into place.

Even with a stiff skin, clamping or wedging the plywood into place, so that all surfaces have good contact can be difficult, depending on how big the piece is. With most gluing work, even clamping pressure is used. In your situation, there is likely not anywhere to clamp to. If you are unsure of exactly how to accomplish this, some images of the location might help. Just send them, and we will advise how best to proceed.


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