The Rot Doctor


Subject: (Cracks under windows)
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999

Hello, I have cracks in the wood underneath the windows in my log home. I don't want to have to drill 3/4 inch holes in the logs. Would I be able to spray your product into the cracks and have it seal them up and also treat the rotting wood behind it? Please give me a price and any further information on this matter. Thank you. Tom

What I'd suggest is that you drill small holes into the cracks and toward the center of the logs. Look at the wood that comes out on the drill. If it's reasonably dry, then get some of our CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), a syringe or a kitchen baster, and flood the crack areas and log interior with the CPES. You would allow the wood to absorb all the CPES that it can. If you're working at temperatures below 50F, then you would use our Cold Weather Formula. You can close the crack holes by using a putty made from our Layup & Laminating Resin and sawdust.

Our CPES sells for $34.18 per 2-pints, $46.65 per 2-quarts, and $149.45 per 2-gallons. You can never know how much you are going to use, but logs generally take a considerable amount, especially if there is any log interior rot. I would suggest the 2-gallon size to start and then see how it goes. If you see that you are going to run short then you can immediately re-order.

The L&L Resin sells for $47.65 per 2-pints, or $80.60 per 2-quarts. I doubt that you'd require more than 2-quarts for filling, possibly less.

Come back if you have additional questions. We'll help in any way we can.


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