the rot doctor


Dr Rot,
I have two old wood jointer planes, 28" and 32", that have what I believe are patches of mold and dry rot on the sides. Planes are completely dry and structurally sound; the mold and rot are cosmetic problems. Should the infected areas be treated to stop further deterioration? I could cut out the infected areas and patch in new wood but this would detract from the overall appearance of these old planes.
Mike R.


Sure, our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) will penetrate and preserve the wood. Just scrape it clean and brush it on. A couple of coats would be best. It gives the wood the same color as a coat of clear varnish, so if that is an issue I would just clean all the wood and coat it, the good and the bad. No cutting or replacing necessary.

Our 2-pint unit should be plenty for what you want to do. Re-cap the cans tightly after using and it will keep for a few years and still be useable. We sell it in a Warm Weather formula and a Cold Weather formula. The Warm Weather formula is a little less expensive ($23.29 + UPS ship) and will be fine if you are working at temps above 50 degrees. All products are in stock.


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