The Rot Doctor


Subject: Questions (Carpenter Ant issue on dock)
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018

Rot Doctor

As you know I have used your product on a number of my projects. Today I found a Carpenter Ant issue with my dock. I have attached a number of documents. Two of them show the general configuration of the dock., The other two include photos of the actual damage.

My intent is to attempt to salvage as much of the dock as possible and I fully intend to use your products for that purpose. In the documents, you will find some additional; details of the construction and damage. Any thoughts you have will be appreciated.

You will see under separate cover my order for additional products.


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I quite agree with your repair plan, and will only add that the use of our L&L Resin/sawdust mix is equally as strong as new wood if wood replacement requires additional fill.

And, the CPES will kill any ants that are in the wood.

Thanks for the information, and so let us know if we can be of further help.