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Subject: Questions (Carpenter Ant issue on dock)

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018

Rot Doctor

As you know I have used your product on a number of my projects. Today I found a Carpenter Ant issue with my dock. I have attached a number of documents. Two of them show the general configuration of the dock., The other two include photos of the actual damage.

My intent is to attempt to salvage as much of the dock as possible and I fully intend to use your products for that purpose. In the documents, you will find some additional; details of the construction and damage. Any thoughts you have will be appreciated.

You will see under separate cover my order for additional products.

This is a simple drawing depicting a dock behind my house. It is meant to be a representation and does not accurately depict the structure.

Side view of general configuration of the stairs (with construction notes)

The top level is 2 x 12’s with decking.
The cantilevered portion is 2 laminated 2 x 12’s with stairs. I have noted that some of the stairs seemed to be slightly wobbly. When I removed the stairs I found the culprit- carpenter ants.

Front view of general configuration of the stairs
Close up view of the carpenter ant damage pointed out in the inside 2 x 12

Carpenter ant damage

As you may be able to tell from the photo the damage appears to be mainly to the inside 2 x 12.

My intent is to do two things- cut out the major damaged area and epoxy in a new piece of wood treated with CPES*

View from the next lower stair, of the stair bracket before removal showing carpenter ant damage View from the top, of the stair bracket before removal showing carpenter ant damage

As you are aware I have used your product in the past and have placed at least two orders.

I will most likely take out all of the stairs and place a new sections of CPES* treated 2 x 12 on the inside. I will then treat what is the outside 2 x 12 with liberal amounts of CPES* and filler as required.

I am comfortable doing it this way and from what I have determined so far I would only be replacing about half of the inside 2 x 12’s. Along the way I intend to epoxy some carpenter ants into the wood along the way.

As you can see I have not disassembled the stairs and docks at this point so I am aware I may find additional issues. I’ll deal with them accordingly. However I believe your products will be at the forefront.



I quite agree with your repair plan, and will only add that the use of our L&L* Resin/sawdust mix is equally as strong as new wood if wood replacement requires additional fill.

And, the CPES* will kill any ants that are in the wood.

Thanks for the information, and so let us know if we can be of further help.


* These products are unavailable, we are selling comparable products that will perform these same tasks. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with which products to use.

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