The Rot Doctor


Subject: Git-rot ?
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998

Hello DR.Rot,
I have a customer/client here in Kent Ohio with 2x10x6' untreated 18 yr. cantilevered deck joists, they are painted so I can only assume they are Douglas Fir as code should have insisted.

I've used Git-rot in the past and found you while looking for it in the Net. I'm compelled to use your product but wanted to be sure that I'm thinking apples to apples and if not why.

My intent is to inject this into holes drilled in the top between the deck boards every 5" or so figuring it is thin enough to travel the grain into the house and solidify enough to get several to 10 more years before the inevitable replacement and posted beams to support it.

As this deck is lengthy (65')@16"oc.and only a portion (two joists here and two over there & so on) I intend to do the entire deck for preventive maintenance.

Quantity considering as follows
Two gal kit clear epoxy sealer.#103 (resin?)
Epoxy injection kit #107
Epoxy filler #208
Solvent # 621
Total about $200.00

Please reply ASAP for I have dropped the ball in getting this project completed.
Thank you, Mark M.


Well, as you have correctly surmised that CPES will outperform Git Rot in all respects. CPES is a perfect choice for what you want to do.

How much CPES you need will depend entirely on how porous the fir is. If there are rotten or deteriorated sections, then the wood will absorb much more liquid -- and you want to give it all it will accept. So it's hard to predict. The 2-gallon unit would be a good place to start, and you can order more if you need it. We're about 5 shipping days from you.

You might also want to consider this: On decks the rot often starts at the board/joist interface. Maybe you should consider drilling your holes through the board and into the joist and putting your injection there. That way the CPES will have an opportunity to penetrate any bad wood at the joint and also flood the joint, which will go a long way toward preventing future wood deterioration.

For filler you might also want to consider making a paste from our Layup & Laminating Resin and wood flour (which we sell for $7.50/lb bag). It's an easy mix, and then the filled holes will have a light-brown color rather than the white finish of the Epoxy Filler. Just a thought....


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