Customer Projects

Subject: Cypress Dugout Repair after Hurricane Katrina
Date: June, 2006

A customer sent us these pictures of the restoration of a Cypress Dugout, located in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The house was destroyed but the Dugout survived. Products used for the restoration were CPES, Fill-It Epoxy Filler, and Tropical Hardwood Epoxy Adhesive. –Dr. Rot

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1. Cypress Dugout found.

2. Up on sawhorses for sanding.

3. Treated with CPES.

4-5. Blocks installed on hull to align split bottom.

6. Hull split closed with Tropical Hardwood Epoxy Adhesive.

7. Bulkhead installed with Fill-It Epoxy Filler.

8. Seat installed over bulkhead.

9. Varnished and ready-to-go! Attentive and ready for duck hunting is “Bopp's Rising Star”- Zoe.

Picture 6
Picture 9
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