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Subject: Ray’s Sailboat Saga … Nearing the End!

Date: August 26, 2020

Note: all images can be seen un-cropped in larger versions by clicking on them.

As many of you know, the project to refurbish my father-in-law’s Wayfarer sailboat that he built from a kit from England in the early 1960’s started in earnest in the summer of 2016. It has been a long project - and I know I have been somewhat “one track minded” about it - my apologies to everyone for suffering through all my ramblings along the way!

In any case, the hull is now completely finished and is getting its boat cover made as I write this. The only thing left to refinish is the mast which is in very good shape so am not expecting much more than a good scraping and varnishing. It will hit the water next spring!

A few words of thank you … David Harder agreed to be my “consultant” on this project and his experience, insights and collaboration were a huge part of the success of the project. Also, a company called Dr Rot was extremely helpful in providing tons of advice over the years on all matters pertaining to the use of their epoxies and penetrating systems which allowed me to re-use many of the individual pieces by restoring the wood rather than making new parts. James and Allison from Eb’s found specialty screws for me that I couldn’t have accessed any other way.

For those of you who are more intimately acquainted with the boat, you will note that I made a couple of mods to the original design. The rear flotation chamber hatch is now almost the size of the whole deck in that area - I was tired of being a contortionist when trying to do any work in that chamber!! Also, I’ve added a couple of brass rub strips by the oar locks where the oars wear on the gunwales. Other than that, new construction includes the transom, the forward floatation chamber bulkhead, hull plywood and the decking plywood. The plywood had just deteriorated to the point where it was delaminating and could not be refurbished. Other than that, all the rest is original.

A few pics to document the project…

Summer 2005 - Before work began looking forward Summer 2005 - Before work began looking aft

Summer 2005 - Before work began looking forward and aft.

Nov 2018 - Refinishing the interior wood March 2019 - Refinishing the interior wood

Refinishing the interior wood. First picture was taken in November 2018, the second was taken in March 2019. The installation of the interior finished in May 2019.

May 2019 - Insatllation of interior pieces
July 2019 - Bottom of boat with hardware removed July 2019 - Removing the old plywood July 2019 - Replacing the plywood bottom

Removing the hardware and old plywood as well as replacing the plywood skin took place in July 2019, first surface coatings were put down in May 2020. The finishing touches done in June 2020.

May 2020 - Bottom of boat sealed June 2020 - Bottom of boat with finish coating and hardware reinstalled July 2020 - Turned back over to finish the tops
August 2020 - Finished and outside August 2020 - Loaded on the trailer

August of 2020 almost finished, outside and loaded on the trailer.

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