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Subject: Gunwale Repair
Date: June 2007

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Hello There Gang,

I am nearly finished with the boat getting ready to launch likely this weekend or close enough. You have been so very helpful with my newness and questions regarding thorough repairs, I thought I might send you a few pictures of my FIRST time repair using the incredible Rot Doctor products.

This is a 1980 Silverton facing the same problems anyone who has ever improperly installed rod holders, screws or seat posts on their boat. I was able to cut the gunwales out and removed the MUD-LIKE old balsa, replace it with new balsa and epoxy the entire patch back together, fair and re-coat with Uniflex 255 Aliphatic*… Up close it looks like a new surface professionally installed. Locally, I can see some others facing similar repairs hoping I can show them what to do… I used CPES™* as a base sealer, 2 coats of Uniflex* using an open cell foam roller sleeve. That made the paint bumpy and looks like a new anti-skid surface.

Fiberglass removed revealing mud like balsa core

Fiberglass deck removed, revealing balsa core turned to “mud”.

New balsa sealed and installed with filler

New CPES™* treated balsa core installed, deck re-installed, sealed with CPES™* and Fill-It™ Epoxy Filler*, and sanded smooth.

Deck coated with paint

Deck coated with two applications of Uniflex 255 Aliphatic*, the last coat applied with open cell foam roller to give a stippled non-skid surface.

* These products are unavailable, we are selling comparable products that will perform these same tasks. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with which products to use.

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