Customer Projects

Subject: Mailbox Sign
Date: May 2015

Attached are photos of my thirty year old mailbox sign. I came back from an extended stay away to discover my sign has rotted so badly it was basically hollow half way down. Looking on the internet I found your products. I spoke to someone at your company by phone that recommended some particular products. They were very helpful and knowledgable.

Sign Before

The before photo actually is was during the first stage as I had already installed new lag hooks. I also installed 5 inch screws down into good wood to support the new material.

Sign Before

After removing as much rotted wood as possible I used the Clear Penetrating Epoxy and throughly penetrated the wood. Then using the Layup Epoxy I made a heavy paper form to hold the epoxy in the shape I desired and then layered in amounts over several days. I was able to use my Dremel Tool to reform the letters and beehive design.

Sign Before

What I thought would be a lost sign with family sentimental value, is now ready to hang up for many more years. I have already told several people about your products. I'm just glad I saw your Internet site.

Sign After

Very Satisfied!

Glenn O

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