Customer Projects

Subject: Sun Deck Construction
Date: June - August 2005

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Existing Deck Removing Deck
CPES Coated Plywood

Prepare 3/4" plywood by routing a 1" wide x 1/8" deep groove at all butt joint locations.

Match mark all plywood pieces.

Seal all surfaces, except edges to be trimmed, with 2 coats of CPES.

Set plywood in place.

Nail plywood in place with 2 1/2" Stainless Steel ring shanked nails. Drill partial pilot hole and countersink before inserting nail.

Sink nails below surface. Seal with CPES by dipping putty knife in CPES and touching corner to nail head.

Hoisting Plywood to Deck
Hoisting Plywood to Deck
Routed Primed Plywood
Edge Support Installation Edge has been set Trim off extra adhesive
Attach 3" to 4" wide plywood edge supports between joists with adhesive and screws in groove. Install adjacent plywood panel with adhesive and screws in groove. Trim adhesive after sufficient hardening.
Seal nail and screw heads with CPES.
Fill the Seam Fill Nail Holes Install Chamfers
Apply 1st coat of "Fill It" epoxy to groove at joint and embed 1" wide poly tape. Let it set up. Apply 2nd coat of "Fill It" with wide blade knife to top of plywood surface. Let it set up. Use left over epoxy to fill nail holes. Trim and sand epoxy smooth if necessary.

Mark and trim plywood at outside edges leaving 3/16" overhang.

Prepare 1 x 3 wood edge caps by routing 1/2" radius at top edge and 1/8" drip notch on bottom.

Treat all Surfaces with 2 coats of CPES. Treat groove with 1 coat Elaststuff 120. Paint or coat back side of edging leaving top 3/4" uncoated for adhesive at plywood edge.

Install edge trim with adhesive and SS nails. Trim adhesive. Fill over nail heads.

Apply 3rd coat of CPES to all exposed surfaces.

Edging installed
Finsh coat of CPES
Elastuff 120 over joints Elastuff 120 over flashing Elastuff 120 at posts

Set 4" wide poly tape in Elaststuff 120 at joints, post chamfers and flashings.

Elastuff 120 over All Rhino Top over All

Apply 1 additional coat of Rhino Top to traffic area.

I had vinyl shingles extend down over the wall flashing. I just slipped the bottom edge trim (J-Channel) up behind the shingles without fasteners. The trim can be removed for cleaning.

Apply 2 coats of Elaststuff 120 on all exposed surfaces. Apply 2 coats of Rhino Top on all exposed surfaces.
Reinstall posts Install all trims and railing. Finished