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Subject: Which epoxy (Glue) should I use

Date: Monday, February 1, 2021

I’m almost out of the AWG I bought many years ago, I’ve always been happy with it, I use it in many ways, lately for filling knots and voids in cutting boards.

So since this product doesn’t seem to be available any longer, what would you recommend? I would like one product that I can use for both filling voids or gluing pieces together if that is possible, second choice I guess would be which product for each application?



We sell two products that could be used in place of the AWG. These are the G2 and T88. Both are excellent at gluing oily hardwoods, like the AWG. Both will fill gaps and knots. The T88 is thicker, and is better for gluing where there will be end grain, like mortise and tenon joints. The G2 is thinner, and is best used when you need something easier to spread, like laminating.


Thank you, perfect answer. I ordered the T88, I will keep the G2 in mind for future projects.

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