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All Wood Epoxy Glue New & Improved

All Wood Epoxy Glue

All Wood Epoxy Glue is a high quality epoxy adhesive especially formulated for gluing oily hardwoods. In the past, oily hardwoods have proven difficult to bond. Not any more. Woods such as oak, teak, maple, mahogany, apetong, araki, pau lope, osage orange, ect. are strongly bonded using our All Wood Epoxy Glue adhesive. All Wood Epoxy Glue is also a great all purpose adhesive for other woods, metal, ceramic, glass and many non-polyethylene based plastics.


All Wood Epoxy Glue is an easy one to one mix. Just mix equal parts by volume, or 10 parts A to 12 parts B by weight. The most common error is incomplete mixing. Please mix thoroughly, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom well while mixing. After making sure that the two parts are well blended, let the mixture stand for 10–15 minutes. The mixture should turn from cloudy to translucent during this time. Hand mixing is best, as this introduces less air bubbles into the mix. Any suitable container can be used, but we prefer plastic paint containers. These do not break, and any leftover mix can be popped out after it cures.

All Wood Epoxy Glue • Cure Time Chart

  Pot Life Tack Free Time Substantially cured
86°F (30°C) 45 mins 90 mins 15 hrs.
68°F (20°C) 1.5 hrs. 3.5 hrs. 1.25 days
50°F (10°C) 3 hrs. 7 hrs. 2.5 days
32°F (0°C) 6 hrs. 14 hrs. 5 days

After letting it rest, apply All Wood Epoxy Glue by any convenient method. Usually we apply it using chip brushes. These are cheap, natural bristle brushes available from us, or at any quality hardware or home improvement store. Notched trowels, rollers or putty knives can also be used to apply over larger areas.

Tips and Techniques

For best results, All Wood Epoxy Glue should be applied to both surfaces to be glued and allowed to sit long enough for the wood to soak up as much as it will, so that when the pieces are assembled the wood will not absorb the glue that would otherwise fill the gaps between the pieces. Normal coverage is approximately 45 sq. ft. per gallon at 1/32″ (4.1 sq. m. per 3.8 liters at 0.8 mm.). This is the minimum recommended amount to get a strong glue joint. Any less, and there is a risk of not having enough glue in the joint, commonly referred to as “starving the joint”. When bonding rough surfaces it is often necessary to use much heavier applications of glue to avoid starving the joint. In these cases, coverage will be reduced by half or more. When clamping glue joints, be careful not to over-tighten the clamps. Over-clamping will force the glue out of the joint. The minimum clamping force to hold the pieces in good contact is all that is required.

Scarf and butt joints are especially prone to soaking the glue out of the joint as it wicks into the end grain of the wood. Edges of plywood are notorious for soaking up liquids. Allow the glue to sit on exposed end grain or wood of exceptional roughness for at least 10 minutes before assembly. If after the 10 minute wait the joint is not “wet” with the glue, add more All Wood Epoxy Glue before butting the joint for the bonding process. When cured, All Wood Epoxy Glue will have a toughness and hardness comparable to the harder woods with no tendency to bulge out of the joints after finishing operations. NOTE: If you want to use CPES™, please do so AFTER bonding with All Wood Epoxy Glue, OR lightly sand or scuff the CPES-treated surface if CPES has been applied.

Do not use solvents to “clean” hardwoods before gluing. The wood can absorb the solvent and compromise the integrity of the glue joint. Our Epoxy Cleanup Solvent™ or lacquer thinner can be used to clean up spilled or smeared All Wood Epoxy Glue before it has jelled.

All Wood Epoxy Glue also makes a fine filler for open joints that need to be closed to the weather.


All Wood Epoxy Glue is available in unit sizes of 12 oz, 2 Pints, 2 Quarts and 2 Gallons.

All Wood Epoxy Glue is a hazardous product. Check the shipping options page for details on shipping hazardous items. For additional information, refer to the All Wood Epoxy Glue Safety Data Sheet.

Improper mixing is the greatest cause of epoxy systems failure.

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Safety Data Sheets: Part A & Part B (both parts are needed, they are separate sheets)

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