Customer Projects

Subject: A Pair of Doors
Date: September 17, 2019

Note: images can be seen in larger versions by clicking on them. (sections of images have been grayed out for customer privacy)

This door was rotted all the way through on the bottom. It was never sealed... since it is one of a matching pair the choice was to replace them BOTH or fix the rotted one!

These first photos show the un-touched door and the areas of rotten wood close up.

Door showing rot un-touched Close up showing rot un-touched and dug out

These photos show the loose wood has been removed and remaining wood treated with the S-1 Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer.

Door showing rot dug out Door showing rot treatment, then cured

I put screws into the door to act as more support for the paste, 2x4s covered in foil* clamped into place act as forms for the paste. *Although the customer used foil, we would recommend polyethylene plastic instead.

Screws, starting the fill with paste, and filled
Getting there

Getting there!

Door repair completed and installed The matching pair

Here is the installed door and a view of the pair of doors now looking good as new!

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