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Subject: 1850 Beam Renovation

Date: December 6, 2019 - January 17, 2020

Note: all images can be seen in larger versions by clicking on them.

Martin had contacted us to help with the restoration of his beams. Most of our communications were done over the phone, which we are happy to do with any project.

End view of beam before Bottom and side view of beams before

Please let me know once you get my photos, and then I can give you a call for some advice. I believe that the wood is Chestnut and dates from about 1850 or thereabouts.


Top view of beams before with supports in place

The centers had deteriorated due to a variety of conditions, including owl droppings. Together, we devised a plan to restore his beams. S-1 Sealer first, followed by a brush coat of General Purpose Epoxy Resin. These were followed by Sculpwood Epoxy Paste to finish the job.

While this was a fairly straightforward repair in that the damage was easily accessible, there were a few things to look out for. Primarily drip through of the first two products, S-1 Sealer, and GP Resin.

Top view of beams with center beam dugout Center beam filled cavity with wood

The center beam pictured was dug out and filled with wood to help fill the volume space.

Beam renovation after rot treatment and filler applied

So far so good. I do need a little more material, so am going to try calling you now for advice.


Please note that this type of repair is a structural matter. An architect or structural engineer should be consulted in any major structural repair. As can be seen, additional structural reinforcement was added to the repaired beams.

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