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Subject: Stringer Repair: Polyurethane foam used to block holes prior to the application of L&L Resin

Date: May 21, 2006

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I have completed the stringer repair and it went quite well. I would like to thank you for the fine product and the advice as I went along. I do have a little procedure trick I tried, as the limber holes kept seeping, and I was getting tired of losing the layup* into the bilge. I tried several things to stop the weeping, but was losing the battle. I finally took a can of spray foam, and sprayed it under the holes and went home. The next day the holes were completely sealed, and I was able to continue right to the end. Just took a drywall saw and reopened the limber area. I am attaching a couple more pictures of the caps back on. I will have some more clean-up and painting, then out to sea!


Pictures show the foam blockage of the limber holes along with drilled holes in top of stringers where CPES*, Layup & Laminating Resin*, and L&L Resin* mixed with sawdust were pumped in.
Picture 1 Picture 2

* These products are unavailable, we are selling comparable products that will perform these same tasks. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with which products to use.

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