Customer Projects

Subject: Creative Column Reconstruction
Date: September, 2007

EDITORíS NOTE: Products used were CPES™ (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin, and Fill-It™ Epoxy Filler. Pictures are shown in the sequence of the repair procedure. There were multiple columns and the pictures are representative.

Click on photos to see larger.

Column 1b

Rotted area cleared and
treated with CPES.

Column 2a Column 2b

Molded pieces fabricated from
Fill-It Epoxy Filler in place.

Column 3a Column 3b

Molded pieces are bonded in
with Fill-It Epoxy Filler.

Column 4a Column 4b

Final sanding and
detail filling.

Column 5a Coulmn 5b

The restored column.

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